Senate Approves Bill from Lifelong Conservative Kevin Bacon to Make Sales Tax Holiday Permanent

Families will Save on School Supplies and Clothes Each Year

Columbus, OH (2/7/18) – The Ohio Senate today voted on a bill from life-long conservative Senator Kevin Bacon (R-Westerville) to make the Ohio Sales Tax Holiday permanent.

“My bill will help Ohio’s families by making school clothes and supplies more affordable,” Bacon said. “I’m glad we were able to streamline the process rather than have to renew the bill year after year. This bill is great for small businesses as well, we get people coming in from other states to do their back to school shopping.”

The bill, Senate Bill 266, passed today and if passed by the House, will make permanent an annual three-day sales and use tax holiday on school supplies $20 or less and clothing $75 or less during the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of August. There is no limit to the number of tax exempt items families can purchase. Previously, legislators had to dedicate time to renewing this bill every year.

“People like this idea. They want to save money where they can,” Bacon continued. “If we’re choosing between a family affording clothes for their children or more money for the bureaucrats and politicians, I’ll stand with the families.”

The Ohio’s sales tax rate is 5.75%. Without the sales tax holiday, over $1 out of every $20 spent on school clothes or supplies goes to the government.


Kevin Bacon is a life-long conservative running for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. He currently serves in the Ohio Senate, representing portions of Franklin County. He is a small business owner and dedicates his free time to causes benefiting children and people with disabilities.

Kevin Bacon