Governor Signs Bill Protecting Victims of Dating Violence Co-sponsored by Conservative Kevin Bacon

Bacon Continues Record of Advocating For Victims’ Rights

Columbus, OH (4/5/18) – Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 1 today, enabling victims of dating violence to obtain protection orders from their assailants.

“This is a major step forward ,” said Kevin Bacon, a co-sponsor of the bill. “Dating violence is sadly rampant in our day and age, and we need to empower victims to seek protection from their assailants.”

Until today, Ohio was one of only two states that did not extend protection orders to victims of dating violence. This bill in particular allows teens and college students access to protection orders from violence, stalking or other abuse. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 43% of college women reported experiencing abusive behaviors from their partners.

“We are moving Ohio in the right direction,” Bacon said. “Violent and abusive behavior is inexcusable. Now victims have a recourse when they are stuck in these dire situations.”


Kevin Bacon